Septic Tank Upgrade

Based upon O'Reilly Oakstown products

Do you need to upgrade your Septic Tank? Do you need to meet new Septic Tank Legislation requirements?

We can review your needs and answer any questions you may have regarding the upgrading of your current sewage treatment system.

Not all components of your curent septic tank system may need to be replaced for the upgrade. If a septic tank is structurally sound and the percolation area is fit-for-purpose and there are no pollution issues then replacing these units can be avoided. Sometimes a poor percolation area might just need a pump chamber and pump, which we often supply and fit for customers.

However if as sometimes happens, the septic tank or percolation area are of poor quality you may need a new septic tank or possibly a complete sewage treatment system if there are serious pollution issues. We can help determine the quality status of your current system.

Existing Tank for Upgrade

Tank Upgrade

The existing tank is exposed and the ground for the new O'Reilly Oakstown Septic Tank is excavated.

New O'Reilly Oakstown Septic Tank Upgrade in Place

Tank Upgrade

The new O'Reilly Oakstown Septic Tank is installed and prepared for use.


Because of it’s 2-tank construction, the Oakstown BAF Wastewater Treatment System is perfectly suited to upgrading Existing septic tanks.

Minimise Pollution

A septic tank can break down typical wastewater by 30% BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand), while the upgraded system will increase this to 97.5%.

Please contact us at Enviropak Treatment Systems for more information or technical specifications regarding the upgrading of your septic tank to the Oakstown BAF System.