Oakstown BAF Sewage Treatment System

When building your new home perhaps the last thing on your mind is the treatment of sewage. However, a good wastewater system is the last piece in the jigsaw of a well designed home. This is one thing you will want to get right first time. The Oakstown BAF® Sewage Treatment System is the one you can rely on - robust, unobtrusive and astonishingly effective - a once in a lifetime investment to serve all your requirements.

(Biological Aerated Filter) sewage treatment system consists of two concrete tanks (4000 litres each). These tanks may be placed in tandem or side by side, depending on your site.

The system when installed is discreet and does not protrude above the ground. The first tank acts as a holding tank which allows for Anaerobic digestion over an extendeed period of time, before the effulent reaches the treatment area where it is broken down further by Aerobic digestion.

Because of the sheer size of the holding tank (4 cubic metres) the Oakstown BAF® System minimises the risk of "shock loading" and ensures that all effulent is treated to the fullest possible extent thereby elimating odours and producing water of outstanding clarity.

Oakstown BAF System - Underground

BAF Underground


The Oakstown BAF® System is housed in two 4000 litre concrete tanks which gives a much longer desludging interval than most systems. The system is certified by The Irish Agrement Board for use by 10 people.

Oakstown BAF System - Discreet

BAF Discreet


When installed, the BAF System is fitted flush with the surrounding ground level - no unsightly equipment protruding above ground.

Oakstown BAF System - Section View

BAF Discreet


Unlike some plastic systems, the concrete tanks will not rise, or crush, when groundwater rises and clay expands during inclement weather. Furthermore, there is no requirement for concrete backfiling around our tanks - simply backfill with clay - a considerable saving.

Site Preparation and Excavation Instructions (Oakstown Website)

Please contact us at Enviropak Treatment Systems for more information or technical specifications regarding the Oakstown BAF Water Treatment System.